Good personal hygiene is a key pillar for human development. At teenage embracing good personal hygiene is therefore key virtue learnt at an early age. On the other hand, poor hygiene leads to low self-esteem, and as a result teens who have challenges with esteem do not get to realize their full potential and will end up being poor performers in school, both academically and in co-curricular activities. In addition it causes illness, and can be a huge embarrassment, especially for girls who are unable to manage their monthly periods.

Our Teens Hygiene program aims to ensure that vulnerable school going teenagers have a conducive learning environment by facilitating proper personal hygiene; for girls we ensure they have sanitary pads when needed and in a sustainable way, while both gender are educated on good personal hygiene practices. Boys in many rural areas are accepted as “OK” in their unkempt state, this is wrong. The reality of the matter is that poor hygiene leads to low self-esteem, which leads to failure in life. RTSP is therefore focuses on correcting this sorry state of affairs.

Neema Sanitary At Rural Teenagers Support Programme we have developed the Neema Reusable Sanitary Pads as a Sustainable, Hygienic and Cost-effective menstrual management solution for the many girls and women who cannot afford a regular supply of disposable sanitary pads due to challenges of poverty. Many family incomes are low and can barely feed them, sanitary pads are relegated to a secondary purchase, and many girls suffer.

Neema Cloth Pads are given in a pack of six (6) to serve the user for one year, or in a pack of ten (10) to serve the user for two years. Some of the key characteristics of Neema Cloth Pads are:-

  • They are made from easy to clean and quick drying materials. They are cleaned using locally available materials.
  • They are tailored in appealing colors, and non-corrosive snap buttons.
  • They are comfortable to wear, made in the design of disposable sanitary pads with wings.
  • They don’t leak.

Neema boys Kit

A Neema Reusable Sanitary Kit from Rural Teenagers Support Programme contains; Neema Cloth Pads, Multi-purpose cleaning soap, inner-wears, a user guide flyer, a personal hygiene guide pamphlet, all packed in a drawstring bag branded in our partners’ info.

The Neema Reusable Sanitary Pads Cycle:

Neema Sanitary Pads are environmentally friendly, unlike disposable sanitary pads that pollute our environment every day, Neema pads are used for several months. The cycle involves using the pads, cleaning pads, drying pads, and reusing the pads.

Neema Reusable Sanitary Pads are not just for girls and women in need of a sustainable menstrual management solution, they are also a solution for ladies who have health challenges when they use disposable sanitary pads, and environmentally conscious women. Neema pads are personal.

Partnership to provide Sustainable Menstrual Management

RTSP aims to partner with organizations that would like to provide girls with a SUSTAINABLE menstrual management solution. Many girls will go through the school system with peace of mind and dignity, not having to worry about menstruation.

Neema Hygiene Kit for Boys

RTSP provides a hygiene kit for boys too. Boys are often forgotten when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene. Often you will see unkempt boys looking shaggy and in need of grooming. At RTSP we are educating boys to keep tidy because it is the right thing to do, it is good for their health, and it builds their self-esteem in a way that they aim for success in life. Boys are key members of a society, sooner than later they become family heads, they therefore need to be nurtured to be responsible and organized. It starts with good personal hygiene that includes basic practices such as proper bathing, keeping well kempt hair, tidy attire, organized personal space, and more.

Neema boys Kit

RTSP provides a kit for boys that contains; inner-wear, multi-purpose soap, and a pamphlet on how to maintain good personal hygiene. On the day of presenting the hygiene kits we incorporate a hygiene talk for the boys. Good personal hygiene improves class grades among pupils in addition to keeping them healthy.

In schools that have both boys and girls we ensure all teenage students receive hygiene kits.

Teens Hygiene Projects Implemented

May 2015: Donated 109 hygiene kits in partnership with Austrian Embassy Nairobi to teenage pupils of Benson Njau Primary School in Ting’ang’a, Kiambu. In addition Class 8 candidates received Geometry sets. Girls received reusable sanitary pads to tackle the challenge of lacking disposable sanitary pads resulting to absenteeism; poor performance and even school dropout. Boys were not left behind they received hygiene kits to foster proper personal hygiene. Good hygiene leads to high self-esteem.

March 2015: Donated 150 single pads (3 pads per kit) to 50 women Inmates at Lang’ata Women Prison in Nairobi. The correction process in our Prisons should be supported by supporting the welfare of inmates. This donation by RTSP was in support of the work been done by ACK Mt. Kenya South Prisons & Police Chaplaincy Headed by Nita Ganatra.

March 2015: Donated 114 Hygiene Kits in conjunction with OFDC USA to pupils of Enkaroni Primary School in Suswa, Narok. Menses management has been a great challenge for teenage girls, some missing classes monthly. Neema Reusable Sanitary pads are bringing relief.

October 2014: Donated 323 hygiene packs to teenagers of Njenga Karume and Gatatha Primary Schools in Kiambu County, the project was funded by the Austrian Embassy Nairobi. The Guest of Honour at the donation ceremony was Austrian Ambassador to Kenya HE Amb. Dr. Harald Guenther.