At RTSP we value all our partners because the play an integral role of helping us implement our programs. Being a non-profit organization, we welcome partners who share in our vision of empowering young people, and especially teenagers, to pursue the journey of life from a point of information. The teenage life stage is particularly challenging to humanity because of physical and psychological changes that take place.

Austrian Embassy Nairobi

We seek partnership in the following areas:-

  1. Teen Hygiene Kits; Girl’s kits contain Neema Reusable Sanitary Pads for sustainable, hygienic and cost effective menstrual management.

  2. Life Skills Education for Teens; to help teens go through the teenage life stage whilst avoiding pitfalls of deviant behavior, and focusing on a prosperous future.

  3. Parental empowerment; to help parents understand and guide their teenage children.
    1. How to support our programs

      We appreciate financial or in-kind support for all our programs.

      Austrian Embassy
      Britam Insurance
      East African Canvas Company
      Bidco Donation

      Who can be a Partner?

      We welcome all, organizations and individuals, RTSP is a vehicle for all to reach out to a wide community that needs to be empowered. Our partnership has no boundaries, Kenyan and international partners have made a difference in the work of RTSP this far. There is a lot to be done empowering teens in Kenya.

      We appreciate ALL our Partners so far

      The work that we have accomplished is because of the support of partners who shared in our dream to make a positive impact in the lives of teens made vulnerable by the jabs of poverty.

      We appreciate the generous support by Russ & Cordy Beckstead – Washington, USA who stood with RTSP at inception in 2013, and they continue support our work. The Austrian Embassy Nairobi has also been a key partner as we piloted our Neema Reusable Sanitary Pads program in 2014 and 2015. A big thank you to St. James Anglican, USA for facilitating the setting up of our BADGES FOR CHARITY social enterprise which we anticipate will be a key source of sustainable funding for our Teens Empowerment Programs.

      We salute all organizations and individuals who have supported our work, and look forward to continued partnership.

      1. Beckstead Electric, USA

      2. Austrian Embassy Nairobi

      3. St. James Anglican, USA

      4. OFDC, USA

      5. Britam Insurance

      6. Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd

      7. East African Canvas Company

      8. ACK St. James Cathedral, Kiambu

      9. Sumconsult Quantity Surveyors

      10. Freb Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kiambu

      11. Peflo Hardware, Kiambu

      12. and all individuals

      We welcome you to partner with RTSP to empower vulnerable teenagers in Kenya.

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