Our Life Skills Education program targets both teenagers and parents with the aim of helping them go through the teenage life stage from a point of information. It helps teens to cope with biological and emotional changes that may lead them to fall prey to social deviance; truancy, early and unsafe sex that leads to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, crime, and more. On the other hand parents / guardians learn how to interact with teenage children, many parents have sore relations with their teenage children because they do not understand them.


The Teens Life Skills Education also empowers teenagers to conceptualize and set a path to realize their life goals, despite their vulnerability resulting from poverty. The vicious cycle of poverty can only be broken by education that changes the poverty mindset; replacing it with a message of positive thinking and hope for a brighter future. We subscribe to the words of American Motivational Author Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Our Life Skills Education program therefore seeks to change the narrative of poverty and failure, to one of success from humble beginnings.


RTSP has a team of qualified Counselling Professionals led by Lucy King’ori who holds a degree in Counseling Psychology. We usually organize training sessions with schools especially in the poor communities that don’t get guidance and counseling services. When you partner with us, you help us to hire qualified personnel who are able to deliver our Life Skills Education content. RTSP has Life Skills Education facilitation manuals for Class 6 to Form 4, they form the basis of our teens and parents education content. The development of these manuals was funded by Britam Insurance Kenya for supporting the development of this manuals.


RTSP Life Skillls Education covers areas such as; self-awareness, building values & virtues, developing healthy relationships, taking care of your environment, drugs & alcohol abuse awareness, good study habits, dealing with exam phobia, leadership skills, dealing with negative thoughts & emotions, believe in yourself, awareness of various addictions, stress and anger management, peak performance, career guidance, understanding your sexuality, among many more.

Our goal is to provide teens with information that helps pave their lives, setting them up for success. Usually children in poor public schools do not have the opportunity to receive the kind of knowledge we have put together in our life skills manuals, education unlocks potential, and this is true even for poor communities.

Pointing teens to knowledge.

Most of the challenges in vulnerable communities can be solved through a good Life Skills Education, it helps identify ways out of their vicious poverty cycles. Our joy rests and efforts lie in empowering the many rural communities in Kenya to be better. We welcome as many partners as possible to support our Life Skills Education program.

Some of our schools where we have facilitated Life Skills Education include Mungai Chengecha Primary School, Benson Njau Primary School, Ndumberi Primary School, Gatathat Primary School, Njenga Karume Primary School, Enkaroni Primary School, Chief Wandie Primary School, Kongo Primary School.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill

LifeSkills Education Projects

September 2014: Public education about our Reusable Sanitary Hygiene Packs and Life Skills Training Program during ACK St. James Cathedral Professionals Day event.

March 2014: Britam Insurance funds the development of a Life Skills Training facilitation manual for Primary School.

January 2014: Group Counselling for about 300 Parents of Kongo Primary School on how to handle teenage children.

November 2013: Donation of geometry sets to 62 KCPE candidates of Kongo Primary School.

October 2013: Donation of hygiene packs to 62 teenagers, Pre-exam counselling and leavers party for Class 8 KCPE candidates of Kongo Primary School.