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RTSP brings together people who are passionate about supporting Teenagers to be prepared for a vibrant future as Youth and Adults. We particularly focus on teenagers made vulnerable by the challenges of poverty in rural areas of Kenya. Our programs provide Neema Hygiene Kits and Life Skills Education.

Special mention and gratitude goes to Russ & Cordy Beckstead (Washington USA), The Austrian Embassy Nairobi & St. James Anglican Church (USA),
for supporting RTSP to develop the Teens Empowerment Program that is benefiting many teenagers in Kenya today.

Neema hygiene kits that ensure school going teenagers have a conducive uninterrupted learning environment. Girls get kits that promote good personal hygiene and contain Neema Reusable Cloth Pads that ensure a sustainable, hygienic and cost effective menstrual management. Boys get kits that promote good personal hygiene a basis for personal development. A good learning environment leads to good all round school performance.

Our Life Skills Education is informed by the fact that the teenage life stage is challenging if not well managed, it is characterized by physical bodily changes and psychological changes. The result is confusion on the part of teens not knowing how to handle the fast-paced changes they are undergoing making them vulnerable to negative influence. On the other hand many parents do not know how to handle and guide their teenage children in this life stage, we therefore educate parents be able to support their teens effectively.

The teenage life stage is key in molding the character of the future youth and adult, an empowered teenager grows into a responsible and dependable adult, yielding progressive communities.

Rural Teenagers Support Programme
Happy Boys
Rural Teenagers Support Programme
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We welcome you to experience the infectious JOY of empowered teenagers.

Badges for Charity is a social venture that is making button badges as a creative and fun way to raise funds for Rural Teenagers Support Programme’s hygiene and life skills programs.

At RTSP we make high quality Button Badges as a social venture. Badges for Charity aims to raise funds for our teen’s empowerment programs.

Badge making is a creative and fun way to fundraise; it gives the opportunity for individuals and organizations to support teenagers. Our badges are 25mm lapel size and 56mm promotional size. Our slogan is “Think it we Badge it.” Whatever your idea, we have a badge for it.

The badges for charity venture introduces an avenue for corporates, medium and small businesses, and individuals from all walks of life to support RTSP work by buying badges from us. Read more...

Teenagers Empowerment in Action

At Rural Teenagers Support Programme we believe that an empowered teenage is a strong foundation for molding a dependable and prosperous adulthood.

Many teenagers in Kenya and developing countries of the world are going through a tough time and often overcome by challenges of the teenage life stage. Rural Teenagers Support Progamme has two programs that empower teens especially in low income rural areas;

Teens Hygiene that provides Hygiene Kits to school going boys and girls, with girls receiving Neema Reusable Sanitary Pads as a sustainable, hygienic and cost effective menstrual management solution. Read more...

Life Skills Education for teens and parents aims to empower teenagers to conceptualize and realize their life goals, despite the challenges they face due to vulnerability from poverty. We also focus on parental education to help them to guide their teenage children through this crucial life stage. Read more...