Welcome to our donation page, here you learn how to give to our programs. RTSP is a non-profit organization that depends on support from partners both corporate and individuals who have a passion to empower young people in Kenya to be successful in life albeit the challenges of a disadvantaged environment.

rural teens support programme

Many people have pulled out of the vicious cycle of poverty through access to life changing information and opportunities, at RTSP this is our goal; to create a good study environment for school going teenagers so that they excel in academic and non-academic activities, and also arm them with life skills education that will help them go through teenage understanding their personal development and avoiding derailing deviant behavior.

Your support is therefore is therefore life changing for a vulnerable teenager who would otherwise not make it in life.

There are 5 ways you can donate to RTSP;

1) PayPal

PayPal gives a secure international online platform in which you can give to our programs.

rural teens support programme

You can access our PayPal account by clicking here.

2) Safaricom M-Pesa

We have a Safaricom Paybill number on which you can send your donation for our programs:

rural teens support programme


  1. Go to Safaricom Menu, select M-PESA
  2. Select Lipan a M-PESA
  3. Select Pay Bill
  4. Enter business no. 330350
  5. Account no. type Hygiene or Life Skills
  6. Enter Amount you want to donate
  7. Enter M-PESA PIN
  8. You will see Pay Bill 330350 Account no. (Hygiene / Life Skills) KSH(your amount) Press OK
  9. Confirmation will come you have sent funds to TEENS SUPPORT PROGRAM

3) Give in Kind:

A partner could opt to donate supplies for our program e.g. sanitary pads, inner wear, soap, cloth pads making materials, reading materials for teenagers, good condition used clothing, and more.

4) Badges for Charity

RTSP makes high quality round BUTTON BADGES of size 25mm and 56mm diameter for all occasions as a social venture that aims to fund raise for our teens empowerment work. Every badge we make contributes 15/- to the Teens Hygiene and Teens Life Skills Education programs. Order your badges from us today.

Click here to order button badges.

5) Teens Support Club

We have started a Teens Support club that gives opportunity to individuals and Corporates to commit to give to RTSP programs on an annual basis. Sustainable support to teens depends on sustainable partnership, annual giving is a good way for individuals to plan for their annual community service activities. Corporates can also sign up for the Teens Support Club as part of their annual CSR activities.

There are three levels of giving;

Individual Members:

Level Title Logo Annual Amount (KShs.)
1 Ndovu rural teens support programme 10,000 and above
2 Kifaru rural teens support programme 5,000 to 9,999
3 Impala rural teens support programme 1,000 to 4,999

Corporate Members:

Level Title Logo Annual Amount (KShs.)
1 Ndovu rural teens support programme 100,000 and above
2 Kifaru rural teens support programme 50,000 to 99,999
3 Impala rural teens support programme 20,000 to 49,999

Members get;

  • Opportunity to positively impact the lives of vulnerable teens through their giving.
  • Periodic reports via email on RTSP activities towards Teens Empowerment.
  • Invitations to attend RTSP events.
  • Invitations to Volunteer at RTSP.
  • Mentions on RTSP online and offline presence.

We look forward to your partnership that will go a long way to bring a brighter future to teenagers in Kenya.

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rural teens support programmerural teens support programme